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What’s to like about Trump and Clinton?

Election Day 2016! In a few hours, we will know who the next president of the United States is. Although both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are flawed, and it has been a negative process, I want to take a moment to reflect that in fact both main party candidates will bring something positive to the White House. It seems to me that the media cannot help but focus on the character of the candidates, a rich mine of ugliness to be sure.

Trump’s language is often vulgar, inexcusably and extremely so, the praise for foreign dictators seems bizarre, and his business practices seem tawdry, but it’s wrong to take from that a conclusion that Trump is a Nazi. Please, get a new meme to describe the GOP nominee. On the other hand, Clinton’s paranoia is alarming, and her relationship with the truth so fickle that it is impossible to imagine anything less than criminal negligence in her treatment of classified intelligence as Secretary of State. Worse, perhaps, is the certain corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Alas, personal enrichment under the guise of charity is sad, but not very original in world history. To conclude, however, that Hillary Clinton is going to betray the USA and that her policies will be bad when in fact they are mysteriously vague, is illogical. I need to believe that there will good to come from the next President. Here’s hoping:

Donald Trump

  • Change agent!!!
  • Likely to be a revolutionary change in tax simplification.
  • Has expressed more willingness to compromise on illegal immigration than Clinton! (Yes, he said “the good ones can stay.”)
  • Will probably be voted out in 2020 by a center-left Democrat who will truly reshape the course of history.

Hillary Clinton

  • Stability. ┬áNATO, Japan, other allies can breathe a sigh of relief because Hillary is more likely to advance a strong American leadership role abroad, much stronger in fact than Obama.
  • TPP will almost surely pass under a new name. Very good for the world.
  • May do more to fight political correctness than Trump. Calm clarity beats loud snark on such things. Race relations likely to improve, over Trump, but also over Obama.
  • Will probably be voted out in 2020 by a center-right Republican who will truly reshape the course of history.

Bottom line: I think whoever wins in 2016 will lose in 2020. They will shape the Supreme Court, but may be inconsequential to history. The most important 2016 election results are: (1) Senate, (2) House, and (3) by a wide margin, the Presidency. Paul Ryan as speaker is where I am betting all my chips, not as a prediction, I mean as our best hope for our children.

We Americans will take a bad president over a good king any day. And today is the day!