Leadership versus Management?

Dear readers,

I would greatly appreciate your answers to a survey here. This is for my research about leadership culture and talent management at all types of employers to shed some contrast on the way the Pentagon works. It follows the research that backed up my 2012 book, Bleeding Talent.  Please take a few minutes to answer it – privacy guaranteed – and share with any colleagues. Getting this survey to military veterans would be especially helpful, but I’d like to gather insights from you whether you wore the uniform or not.


Survey link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LeaderTalent1

Tim Kane
Research Fellow  |  Hoover Institution  |  Stanford University

P.S. Here are some reviews of Bleeding Talent that may be of interest:
National Review: “It is essential reading.”
JFQ: “His survey resonated across the Services.”
New York Times: “As an all-volunteer force, the young men and women who serve these days are top drawer; it is the institution that is idiotic, he argues. And [Kane] has a drastic remedy in mind: a dose of classic economics.”

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