All of nothing on immigration = failure

Kudos to Senator Marco Rubio for this insight:

“A comprehensive, single piece of legislation on any topic, but especially on immigration, is going to be very difficult to achieve,” Rubio, a potential presidential candidate, said when asked whether he’d push a large overhaul in the 2015-16 session. “We keep talking about the same issue now for 15 years, and everybody is doing this all-or-nothing approach. And all-or-nothing is going to leave you with nothing.”

Read more:

As I have been saying for some time, “comprehensive” in Washington is code for grandstanding.  I want a bill, not an issue. So do the vast majority of Americans, but unfortunately this is a minority position in DC — in both parties.  Rubio is not only on the right side of this issue, but he’s smart enough to have decoded the Senate’s machinations.

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