Google, Women, Immigrants, and Lazlo Bock

I had never heard of Lazlo Bock until yesterday, when he and his work were recommended to me twice. Once at breakfast with some friends who are executives in Bay area startups. Then a few hours later, over coffee with a high-profile HR executive and scholar. Those of you who know that my own research into military leadership in particular, and organizational structure in general, can understand why Bock should have been on my radar before, and is very much on it now.  Bock is doing some very interesting things at Google, things that I think the Pentagon should be watching:

Google data-mines its approach to promoting women (WaPo, 4/2/2014) Don’t neglect the Q&A.

In the U.S., two-thirds of computer science degrees are awarded to non-U.S. citizens. They graduate and immediately go back to their home countries because we can’t keep them. Why not keep that knowledge, drive and passion here?

Bock’s own words (a Google ThinkInsights essays from 2011)

And if you think about it, if you’re an organization that says ‘our people are our greatest asset,’ you must default to open. It’s the only way to demonstrate to your employees that you believe they are trustworthy adults and have good judgment.

gDNA described by Bock (HBR essay)

People Science needs to be adaptive. By analyzing behaviors, attitudes, personality traits and perception over time, we aim to identify the biggest influencers of a satisfying and productive work experience. The data from gDNA allows us to flex our people practices in anticipation of our peoples’ needs.

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