Not to Be Missed: The Federalist

There’s a new online magazine that deserves your attention: The Federalist. Its genesis is unknown to me, but I know a few of its founding team (here’s looking at you, Sean Davis). But that’s irrelevant. The look is fantastic. The essays so far are top-notch. This one on robots-as-job-killers by Harsanyi is just fantastic:

Are robots destroying the prospects of a vibrant future?

Maybe. But the theory has a few holes.

For starters, technology always kills jobs.  American industry did not stumble upon innovation in 2007. The first ATM machine was installed in 1969, after all, and some of you may never have spoken to a live bank teller. Are today’s modernizations really more disruptive than those hatched during the first half of the 20th century or the Industrial Revolution? It seems unlikely that Facebook is a bigger game-changer than the mass production of the automobile.

Congrats on a great start out the gate.

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