Econ Blog Survey 2013 — Preview

Here is a preview of the Econ Blog Survey for September 2013.  This continues a survey I began over three years ago when Bob Litan and I started the blog at the Kauffman Foundation. I will put together a report discussing the full results in a day or two, but thought these results were worth previewing.  One of the questions was submitted by Bob Litan, and a related (uncoordinated) question was submitted by Donald Marron.


Notice how skewed the responses are!  I’ve never seen a response so lopsided. Great question, as it really exposes the predictable capacity for Washington to pass the buck to the next generation. Next:


Marron’s question reveals a strong preference among economics bloggers to eliminate the debt ceiling.  I’ll confess that I disagree with the majority on this one. While I favor neither presidential absolutism or the current system, that’s because I see the layered authority of Congress not as something ridiculous (as the administration spins it), but as a long-lived and well-designed check and balance on the power of the purse. Of course the executive prefers a power grab from legislators, but they would be foolish to remove this check on debt. It’s about the last meaningful dam on debt America still has. Prioritization is one improvement, but I disagree that the debt limit itself is the source of our fiscal problems.

More interesting results coming soon.

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