New econ blogger survey (and haiku)

After a 3 season hiatus, the econ blogger survey is back. I have sent out notification to the 170 or so top economics bloggers that I know, but if any new hotshot bloggers on the scene would like to participate, please contact me.  You can reach me through the website.

One popular feature of surveys past is the economics haiku.  This time around, the topic is PPACA, aka, ACA, aka, Obamacare.  Alex Tabarrok just responded to the online survey, but he neglected to do a haiku.  Here’s my haiku scolding:

Tabarrok must pay,
more than checking quick boxes,
the price of poetry.

And my Obamacare entry:

Affordable care?
Many seasons in the making,
comes costly and cold.

One response to “New econ blogger survey (and haiku)

  1. Like a fall shower
    Chills brought by Obamacare
    Dampen the spirit

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