Glenn Hubbard video with Foreign Affairs

So our essay IN DEFENSE OF CITIZENS UNITED in this month’s issue of Foreign Affairs is causing quite a stir. Apparently, the idea of free speech as an absolute principle is truly disturbing to some people. And those who distrust voters call themselves democrats? If folks can set aside their knee-jerk assumptions, think seriously about the empirical facts (increasing money, increasing partisan control of that money, increasing hyperpartisanship in Congress), and think seriously about monopolistic corruption of democracy — basically open their minds with critical thinking — they might be surprised.

Here is Glenn’s interview by Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs on YouTube.


2 responses to “Glenn Hubbard video with Foreign Affairs

  1. Why do you have to say “And those who distrust voters call themselves democrats?” It is the Republicans who are enacting voter ID and suspending early voting to supress the vote. North Carolina just passed a tax on parents if their kids vote in their college town instead of their hometown. Democrats distrust corporate influence and the power of money in politics. Republicans distrust voters.

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