BALANCE day — send comments and questions here

The big day is finally here: BALANCE is available wherever books are sold.  And its on discount pretty heavily at Amazon and Barnes & Noble to spark sales. Of course, we are excited, but the biggest part of the excitement is the opportunity we will have to finally have a conversation with readers.  On that point, if you have ANY comments or questions and want to engage in a dialogue, write them here.  I look forward to reading what you think.

Did we choose the right seven (eight if you count California) case studies?  My favorite chapter may well be the one about Britain, especially our offhand comment that it never really declined, but we knew that its exclusion would be met by howls. So, fine, there it is.

Thanks and enjoy!

5 responses to “BALANCE day — send comments and questions here

  1. Your Amazon and BN mentions should be links.

  2. The title “Balance” is appropriate in more ways than one. It is a refreshing change to read about ideas and policies being presented within a factual and largely non-partisan framework. In addition to learning much about economics, I am also learning a lot of interesting history along the way.

  3. This review in the FT, raises a couple of criticisms that should be addressed (though perhaps the critic, a non-American, underestimates how less adaptable / flexible the US political system has become).

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