KAL book! Daggers Drawn

KAL, the editorial cartoonist whose work you have probably seen at the Economist, has a new book “Daggers Drawn” coming out in a few days that you should buy. He self-produced the book with funding from Kickstarter, which is a neat story in its own right.  There is no link to any online retailer yet, but you  a link to Kal’s website is here. Also, here is Kal speaking at a recent TED conference.


When setting up the blog, KAL responded to our urgent request to sketch the masthead you see above. Simon and Schuster liked it, too, so they layered the imagine into the printed book as highlight for many sections. A few  days before the final approval of what they call the “second pass,” I asked our assistant editor if they had confirmed permissions for the image with Kal.  What?!  I should have anticipated this, but nobody had negotiated with Kal for rights to the artwork. I gave him a sheepish call and offered to pay for the rights, and HE REFUSED to take any money. Instead, he gave full rights, even completing the paperwork and faxing back “zero” under royalties. We are literally in Kal’s debt.  He’s a gentleman as well as an insightful artist.

Please buy a copy of Daggers Drawn or ask for it at your library.  The good guys and gals of the world deserve all the support you can give them.

One response to “KAL book! Daggers Drawn

  1. how can i buy a copy of the book “daggers drawn” /

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