Bleeding Talent in NR

NR editor David French wrote a generous but I think insightful review of Bleeding Talent in their latest print issue (March 25).  The link is gated for subscribers only, but it is worth a shout-out here.

As a JAG officer, I have advised a series of commanders — both active and reserve — who confront a personnel system that empowers the worst performers while alienating many of the best. At times, it seems as if the Army bureaucracy is almost intentionally designed to take the bravest Americans, place them in an institution of rich traditions, and then slowly drain the idealism and hope from all but the most patient and resilient of them.

So you might say I read Tim Kane’s book in a state of frustration. …

The feedback remains overwhelmingly positive, from junior officers, enlistees, civilian officials, and yes even senior officers. I’ve yet to run into an eloquent (or ineloquent) defender of the U.S. military HR system as designed. Everyone is frustrated by it, including and especially the professionals tasked with running it!

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