New publication date: 5/15/13

This is not carved in stone, but our publication date is firming up and very close to the original target. The new pub date is May 15, 2013. Ides of May.  

We also have a new subtitle.  I cannot remember what it is, but it includes the word economics.  I think it is “The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America.”

Designing a cover has been really interesting.  Simon & Schuster has access to some amazing design talent, and we have really liked all of the options. Can only pick one? We actually recommend a few months ago that a trillion dollar coin on the cover would be eye-catching, but the editors said we weren’t taking the national debt seriously enough. That kind of thing would barely work in fiction. Those silly economists!

One response to “New publication date: 5/15/13

  1. I have it pre-ordered. There have been no posts for a while, I hope everything is going well!

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