The Q3 Econ Blog Survey

For years, I conducted a survey of top economics bloggers for the Kauffman Foundation, and I have been continuing the tradition since joining Hudson. A few weeks ago, just as Glenn and I were launching the BALANCE blog, I got results in for the Q3 survey.  They are truly fascinating, as always, because the collective opinion never conforms to an ideological tilt that we see in many media stories. The 50 or so respondents include some very famous bloggers, but they tend to not identify with either political party. Roughly half of the respondents have an economics PhD, and roughly half are professors of some kind.  With that, here are the results in chart form of the Q3 survey …





Imageand finally the word cloud (each participating blogger is asked to list five adjectives that describe the U.S. economy right now), which speaks for itself:

3 responses to “The Q3 Econ Blog Survey

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  3. Nice to see your survey continuing! Always interesting

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